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Address: Buffalo, NY



Eight years experience crafting innovative opportunities for learning and collaboration, Kristen Crouse’s experience ranges from classroom design and instruction to content design and dissemination. In all capacities, she is service-oriented: inventing processes and products that will work for her expansive understanding of a client—students, colleagues, reading public. Strengths focus on writing, editing, research and research methods, and project management. Approaches projects with passion and enthusiasm for creative collaboration and metacognitive transfer. Well-versed in multiple communication genres, research methods, research citations, learning management platforms, and rhetoric/writing studies, Crouse has worked with diverse/international populations to create communities that learn together.

  • Content Development
  • Client-focused
  • Skilled in research strategies, research design, and assessment
  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative data analysis and synthesis
  • Strategic team building with diverse populations
  • Proficient with Microsoft Programming, Windows Programming, Adobe Programming, Social Media, and LMS systems
  • Expert writer, editor, and proofreader
  • Excels at service-learning and nurturing community relationships
  • Experience with scheduling, training, and informing staff and colleagues
  • Strong coordination skills including speaker series, panels, travel coordination for visiting artists, and campus events
  • Compassionate relationship-builder
Work Experience 
Instructor Crown Core Coordinator  at University of California Santa Cruz
2012-June 2015
  • Classroom instruction for class sizes ranging from 13 students to 400+ students
  • Collaborated with multiple departments and integrated objectives
  • Reduced textbook cost, eliminated copyright infringements for Crown College, and authored a responsive and shared training manual for faculty training
  • Actively coordinated faculty meetings, archived minutes, kept faculty abreast of departmental changes
  • Responsible for developing online content models for faculty
  • Coordinated speaker series for Crown College and reduced the speaker cost by advocating for local speakers and attention to university-based research
Outreach Director and Spa Coordinator
  • Conducted market research to identify client needs and client interest in a (1) referral system and (2) 24-hour first-time-client communication/follow up
  • Developed Media Marketing, including MailChimp, and social media strategies
  • Implemented MindBody software for online sales to keep boutique costs lower
  • Promoted seasonal products and seasonal treatments
  • Enhanced regional reputation by deepening affiliations with Cayuga Medical Center, Finger Lakes Tourism, local restaurants and hotels, and local businesses
  • Responsible for staff schedules, staff rewards/incentive, staff education, and software training including front desk reception
Faculty, Research Assistant, and BRIDGE Instructor with Columbia College Chicago
  • Prepared course proposals to integrate departments, classrooms, and galleries
  • Designed and executed rapid HIV/AIDS testing on campus to increase campus testing rates and student awareness
  • Increased student success with diverse and high need student populations to achieve an 85% pass rate and retention
  • Assisted panel planning, travel coordination, and speaker series
  • Studied retention trends in connection to service learning to implement more opportunities with local businesses and non profits for our students
Columbia College Chicago
Master of Fine Arts; Poetry. Columbia College Chicago. May 2008
Thesis: A Thousand Pink Arrows (Poetry), Advisor:  Arielle Greenberg-Bywater
Areas of Research: Experimental and Romantic Poetry with an emphasis on New Sentimentalism; Women and Poetics; Hybridity & Form; Black Mountain School Poets and Artists; Creative Writing in the Composition Classroom, Pedagogy & Praxis
SUNY Fredonia
Bachelor of Arts; English and Philosophy. SUNY Fredonia. May 2006
Summa Cum Laude
Areas of Research: Creative Writing and L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E movement, Russian Literature, and Metaphysical Philosophy

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