unnamed-2In the current frenzy—finding a house, finding a job, worrying and worrying—I’ve taken to reviving an old project with Chelsea Cossu: a series of notes about her experience while photographing light.

Finding the scribbles and notes, the way her experience required note taking to understand and compose something, makes me think about Heather’s suggestion to add, to my own work, footnotes or context a la Solnit or even Boully.

Mostly, the work confronts me with that old-familiar feeling of wanting to make or letting the making be enough. unnamed

Right now, in the current version, the work feels like a beginning conversation…a flirt. I’ve been thinking about how the Cossu’s photographs might better touch the myths she was tapping into and the “hunt” we both found in her own experience. Like a lot of my work and
my work worries, there’s the struggle to voice something clearly. I remember Arielle’s advice, which was hard to receive and has stayed with me longer than any other piece of advice: What is your most honest experience? How can you tell it without softening it?


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