on being found

An under the microscope feeling to this season: as a new mother, curriculum interruptor (developer?), and as someone working out standards and assessment from one program to another. Under a microscope, I’m sure I would look pulled. As if a tightly bound thread coming to its smallest hairs. 

To slow down, a book review for Sean Thomas Dougherty, a hopeful return to Sprudge, and a new project: 

“Nomadic Reading: Carnal Reading as Antidote to Digital Diaspora”

Digital readership changes the processes of reading, providing ample playing ground for a renewed conversation about how a text is read. The shift from text-as-object to text-as-space renders the body homeless, seeking a site of interaction. This threatens anonymity or nomadism, making it difficult for readers to spend time with the fits and starts, the physicality, of a sentence. The physical absence also lessens physical reactions: muttering out loud, re-reading, squinting, scrawling in margins, feeling bodily sensations. As a disembodied experience, has digital reading ushered a “fever reading,” where the reader goes in and out of multiple texts and where textual dialogue is less about the echo of the text and more about the dislocation of the reading experience? This research hopes to re-embody reading, to focus on the texture of the text, the movement of the text, and the arrangement of the text.




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