It’s about a change in writing practices :: a renaming of process.

I tell Luke, because he asks, that it’s about relationships. I tell Joey, because he wondered, that it’s about connecting the dots. I tell Farheen, because she wanted to know, that I keep it close to the body and don’t stretch too far.

A change in consciousness to think about something other than the rule. Maybe the reverberation; at least the reason.

Take the comma: The comma encloses and separates ideas. In this way, it acts like a wall or a barrier. Everything I think grows along and on the walls, but the prettiest ideas are so hard to see, are so covered by walls :: behind them, inside them, and I have to take a ladder up to see those ideas.

No, I don’t use the comma correctly, but I use it for transformation. Sometimes, I use it so I can see past the mountains or peek into someone else’s bedroom. It’s like pulling strings.

It is, always, about being aware. I am putting a mark on the page and it suggests an entire thought that is somehow deeply hard to say in words, but finds itself in tiny punctures.




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