Pinch of Pinch

As if he wasn’t cool enough already, Ryan W. Bradley is making me feel like my work (now kind of stale and old for what’s out there) might have mattered a little bit.

Meaning, there’s new work and here’s a little preview:

Pinch of Pinch (read by Ryan himself)

In other newness, the newest batch of truffles are cardamom infused and rolled in nibs instead of powder. They are perfect. Chocolate is perfect and nibs might be one step better than perfection.

Looking into tea infusions for chocolate ganache and, maybe, a workshop around town to make the aesthetic a bit cleaner.


One thought on “Pinch of Pinch

  1. wow, sounds great! love making truffles! and i wouldn’t be worrying too much about the aesthetics if i were you, in my opinion the squidgier they look the better!!!

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