starting to manifest a manifesto

Always handmade with pure ingredients. Always delicious.  à la main is focused on pursuing taste – from the sweet to the salty, the mild to the robust. This is about curiosity.

Cocoa, as an agricultural product, has significant socio-economic consequences. Cocoa, as a cooking ingredient and sensory treat, can support sustainable economics and conscious consumerism.

I’m always putting together what I think about my small business, but I never really know what it is that makes me, as a thinker and buyer, gravitate to one business over another. I think the product matters the most and, that product, seems to rest on quality ingredients/components. Does that make the ethos secondary or primary? Do people read manifestoes, missions, etc.?

When I do the small brand consulting I do, it matters to me that this part of the business be thought out, short, and clear. But I do wonder what happens to it outside of the mind of the business.


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