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Okay, Paul Klee could be tough to follow. I mean, it’s not like he’s live tweeting or anything. But his diaries are worth going to the library and checking out and, well, you can go to an exhibit and be really moved.

I spent Thursday in the house weighing some options and moving toward being practical (and writing a book review that’s driving me to the limits of words). AND reading Klee’s diaries.

It stands out that Klee was a poet, that he saw himself painting poems. There does seem to be an investigation or interrogation of signs and symbols. In the diaries, more pencil sketches from his notebooks (as a schoolboy even) and, still, the sense of a context around the sketches: a storm, a war, a disaster.

It all seems like a wandering line. That, for a second, the line has individuality for a moment and then it gets abstracted into an image and–if possible–re-abstracted by Klee. With the lines, these impressions come, he creates a common measure.

It’s that, it’s that point of contact that I’m always trying to make and that Klee does so successfully.


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