Getting There

Summery Goals:

We’re welcoming a new baby our friends had this morning, right after the full moon left the sky. We haven’t seen her pretty face yet, but we can’t wait to see her little hands and feet.

With her here, there’s a some newness potential.

So we did a little feng shui on our kitchen (seems like what you do after friends have a baby right?). Mostly, we cleared the refrigerator (feminine energy). If you read this blog (thanks Tara and Sheena), you know the kitchen is the center of our house. Here’s our brief start at cultivating more positive chi in the kitchen:

  • only positive energy images/objects on the fridge (a small picture of my Dad as a kid and the directions for watering our jasmine and our mandarin plants)
  • nothing on top of the fridge
  • use all the burners (keep possibilities open)

This morning we chatted about getting a mirror to hang above the stove–to increase prosperity (you see more “burners/fire”) and to make the cook feel more comfortable (not facing a wall while cooking). I’m looking into crystal placement for the kitchen too…anyone know of a good suggestion?

What’s important about this? Like I tell Jesse all the time, I think this is all about intention. I don’t think any of these changes are automatic or guaranteed, but I think that wanting change and seeking out small ways to encourage change simply remind you that your working toward something, that you are capable of making change. This little fact from Vital Juice helps to explain it:

A lucky charm will help you ace an important meeting.


Studies show that using objects with special associations–like lucky charms–may boost your confidence and help you succeed at difficult tasks.

My own current goals are to figure out lifestyle blogging and share a real interest to see the world, to gather enough courage to market and advertise myself (and truffles!), and to keep pushing into my writing (a two year sabbatical from publishing and submitting was too long).

And if there wasn’t enough inspiration, the picture above is from my new favorite blog: Manufacture & Industry, which documents the craftsmanship and history of products made in the British Isles. They’ve been around for a bit and it’s really worth checking it out and remembering that you can make anything if you take the time to learn it well and make it well.

Create. Reflect. Make It New.


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