capturing moments

I worry about “heavy talk” and my tendency to lean on those conversations. This weekend, we beached, cooked pizza (dough raised in the sun), and lounged heavily. I mentioned, to strangers that are lovely people and new friends, that California is a good place for someone like me to live: it makes me slow down.

A slow weekend with granola, succulents, and rest(oration).

Catching up on writing and lists today, but grateful for a very slow weekend (and a delicious ginger cake in the kitchen).

I think the purpose of keeping a blog is less to do with craft, poetics, and my relationship with those things and more to do with documenting a real shift in how I think: capturing moments and sitting with them elongates time and makes things–small things–matter more. I don’t think I’d be able to consider the chocolate business, my own potential, as fully if I weren’t able to reflect on the really still and important things that are happening to me since moving to the West Coast.

It’s funny to have lived all over and to, finally, find a place that asks you to stay put. Now, if only I could get all my family to move here and unwind a bit too.

My extremely patient husband wonders why I can’t sit still.

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