collaboration: art books and starting over

This article about Kim France, editor in chief of Lucky Magazine, is worth reading. It’s also worth (re)reading. For me, especially now.

In the article France says–after stress and headaches made her leave work–“I was surprisingly comfortable with being unemployed (…) I didn’t really feel like I knew what I wanted to do next and I waited until there was a moment when I could do something that really felt right.”

It’s a privilege to be able to wait and seek out what feels right. Of course, that goes without saying. It’s also a privilege to even be able to “feel right.” But the article goes on to discuss feeling comfortable as a writer again because she’s writing about what she wants to write about and she’s found an audience for that writing.

I do think the article doesn’t discuss that second value: having the audience for your writing. It matters that you fall into someone’s ear.

I’ve been starting over too…writing against elliptical and poetic style to see WHAT ELSE that kind of writing can bend toward. I’ve been writing children’s stories, fiction, and a few essays. And while they haven’t found an ideal reader yet, I have to say that writing what isn’t easy, what doesn’t come naturally, has been worth it for me. It makes me wonder about what feels right and what it means to also try what doesn’t feel right.

In my father’s last letter he said, “You can get around a mountain by going around it or you can just climb it. Sure, going around is easier.” He doesn’t wrap up the idea by saying climbing is better, he just implies that up has something else that isn’t “easy.” He’s a smart dude.

In the mail, I received three lovely copies of Midas Eyes.

Chelsea Cossu handbound and handcreated this collaborative book of our text and images exploring the theme of value (through her photography and my poetry retelling the Midas myth).
What an exciting mail delivery!
The book unfolds, plays with how it unfolds and is “seen”, and plays with the very Ovidian belief of re-reading or being read anew each time (because of how it opens and closes / folds and unfolds). While there is a linear value, there’s also a real adherence to letting the text and images blur into each other and a new arrangement. 
We are looking for its publishing home, but I’m happy to have it in my own home now.

 More images can be seen here and a video of Chelsea discussing the work can be seen at Parlour Room Projects’ archive
And tucked in this AWESOME mail delivery was more that I’m soon to be tackling, excited to be thinking about, and hoping to get out there for people to see Chelsea’s great work and exciting ideas.


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