Three days of BBQs, sun-sitting, and time in the garden. Can we press rewind?

Let’s recap: I adore weekends.

Even with “unemployment” hanging over my head (and checkbook), I still correspond with former students, collaborate with artists, write and write and write all week. This week, a little ditty about my new favorite summer drink: Pretty in Pink (and it’s shockingly non-alcoholic, which makes me think someone else wrote this). Weekends are no different than when I put on the occasional high heels and high powered suit. Weekends are utter bliss.

In California I’ve learned some weekend basics: wear layers + carry a blanket for an impromptu beach picnic. Oh, I’ve also rediscovered the joy of buying a picnic and eating out of containers.

My mom used to take my sister and me on “picnics.” She was in school again, raising two children, student teaching, and taking care of the house. “Picnics” were not homemade (and who could blame her?). Instead, we got to go to a local sandwich shop or the grocery store and pick out whatever we wanted. Then we’d sit in the sun and munch. Perfect! I can’t imagine how a homemade picnic could have been better. I mean, it was really about the three of us girls in the sun, usually near a swing set.

Jesse and I went to The Picnic Basket and did it up with a wheatberry salad (amazing!), a salami sandwich with pesto (for Jesse), and a goats cheese and tapenade sandwich (for me). The baguettes, from Companion Bakeshop, were great. Made me feel a bit guilty for not making any bread lately.

These are fancy beach eats. Deceptively simple.

I think we sat around and didn’t do ANYTHING for a good two hours, which is pretty impressive for our go-go-go attitudes. And we needed it: some time to unwind and really feel time move at a slow and sunny pace. We needed to sit next to each other without talking, thinking, or worry about anything/anybody else. A little restoration.

With Jesse home for the long weekend, we got extra lounging time. But it wasn’t all sitting around.

We made a chiffon cake with layers of berries (picked from Swanton farms) and whipped cream. Yum. Jesse’s decorations were “abstract” at best, but I can’t complain…it’s nice to be in the kitchen together. And the cake tasted AMAZING.

Not quite a “flag” on top, but you get the idea.

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