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It’s pretty remarkable to see the kids you went to school with being adults. It’s more remarkable to have gone to an arts school and to watch peers keep making, inventing, and innovating.

Emily Churco should shout about her work more. She should jump up and down in Buffalo, NY and let people know she’s making some really sweet things.

Not sweet in a sugary sense: Churco’s work is sometimes a little bit dark/funny. There’s a way of looking at daily stuff, the small moments of her own life (her friends, day-to-day happenings like eating cereal or getting mail, etc.) that make the mundane seem both filled with tiny wonder and, somehow, filled with the weight of being mundane (which scares me a little, in that Gorey-is-a-scary-but-good-artist kind of way). I mean, pointing out monotony and dealing with it is pretty brave; and Churco keeps it humorous too.

My house is lucky enough to have some pretty amazing Churco pieces. More importantly, I’m pretty lucky to know this lady. She’s been a good ear–someone who’s empathetic, intelligent, and way cooler than me in fashion, music, and most everything else.

Check out Emily’s Black Heart Machine etsy shop, follow her on tumblr, and try to convince her to move to the West Coast so she can teach me to sew (she makes some amazing wallets, purses, pillows, and more!). Really, there’s nothing this lady can’t make, but it is her unique perspective in the work that really makes her a follow friday / follow friends favorite.


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