Mondays are hard.

It’s easier knowing it’s a shared sensibility. Joy the Baker shared her own case of the Mondays and a dinner that will pick this Monday up a bit…at least, make it land softer than it started.

Note: it started with sun fatigue, allergies, and over 100 emails to get caught up on.

Before Monday happened, Friday happened. And Friday was AWESOME.

We’re talking mail delivery, red-in-the-cheeks with happiness, jumping up and down (on the inside and outside) awesome-ness.

Like Monday, it didn’t start out that way: Friday was packed with errands, baking gingersnap cookies for co-workers (added some ground pepper to this favorite from Martha Stewart), running more errands, making lists and crossing things off of lists only to add more things to the list, and trying to get caught up enough for a super long weekend.

It was the kind of day where a lesson from my mother came in handy: “Put flour on your hands and rub it into your face and pants so that, when someone sees you, they think you worked even harder than the hard you already worked.” Thanks Mom.

But Friday ended with a mail surprise from Askinosie and a huge feeling of “yes this could be happening.” Oh, and chocolate. Is there anything better than chocolate coming in the mail?

Quite frankly, yes, there is: Askinosie’s chocolate coming in the mail.

And that elation kept me going this weekend helping Verve Coffee Roasters at the Cooking for Solutions 2012 event in Monterey (and helping my lovely husband Jesse, who is a Verve superstar). I mean, this was total work: serving over 2,500 cups of coffee (really amazing coffee that I can’t wait to share information about).

But this weekend is going to be filled with truffles in the kitchen. This weekend is going to make the way this Monday feels totally fall away.

I. Can’t. Wait.


2 thoughts on “Askinosie

    1. Thanks Mallory! We tasted them yesterday and today is friend-tasting. It’s been interesting to see which ganache recipe is preferred. The chocolate itself: AMAZING! (of course)

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