I know it’s hip to come up with clever # trends, but I prefer to make them long, hard to read, and more of a joke. That being said, I’m taking the traditional #ff for real (#forrealff) and suggesting a friend who is gathering and deserving following: Wendy Houseworth.

Follow Friday. Follow Friends.

Call me superficial, but a conversation about Wendy can’t happen without talking about how stunning this girl is. Stun-ning. In the, “write a letter to the boys back home” kinda way. Of course, it’s matched by an internal wonder that gives her layers and layers of total beauty (try not to be jealous because she gives and gives too, so there’s no reason to be a hater).

Before I left upstate NY (for the fourth time, that state is like a black hole), Wendy gifted me a piece of her art and, today especially, her art and creative spirit is pulling me. It’s one of those things that a “thank you” doesn’t cut it for. She took me by surprise and she gave me something that will always remind me of that place (Ithaca) and that time (my first year out of teaching, my first year as a wife, and my reconnection to a lot of things).

Here’s the gift / work / thing of beauty:

I love, so much, that the back of it has her dear sweet initials and handwriting. Wendy, always, gives that touch of the homemade, handmade, crafted and cared for. Manifesto Designs, her brainchild of design inspiration and objects, really demonstrates that passion to “touch” and to being touched. In poetry, we think/argue about “sentimentality” and the risks of having or avoiding sentiment. Wendy would do well to remind the poetic academics that a feeling felt is, also, a point of inquiry about sharing and representation.

Wendy is going to keep stunning us. She’s going to keep making more and more and really stretching the way we see beauty all around us – and ask ourselves to be responsible for making our own beautiful things to and collectively thinking about how the smallest details of our day add up to amazing and aesthetic wonders.

Poke your head around her etsy account to get a sense of what she’s starting and you’ll be compelled to start using the word dope more often, it’s that cool.

Follow Wendy on tumblr, pinterest, and instagram…it’s worth your time to see how she bends, blends, and created daily beauty. Dude, Wendy is a curator of her own style and an artist I am hoping everyone starts following.


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