Mother’s Day

I won’t, yet, post the picture of the shadow box before it broke. I will, however, gush about how lovely it was to have a glass jar of sand light enough to see the cloth/surf image in the background. It was lovely as a shadow box and the broken glass on the kitchen floor was something worse than a stubbed toe.

The wrapping paper is old wallpaper I found in Portland, Maine (the other coast, the coast I miss with full out fervor). The cloth that makes the back of the shadow box is “sample” material that I used to make an easy wall hanging (that I’m convinced would be better if it read ‘simple’ instead of sample).

And the image transferred into the back of the shadow box onto the sample cloth (with my favorite gel medium) is an old calender from Little Otsu that seems appropriate to send to my Buffalo mother now that I’m on a different coast and missing her like crazy. The hardest part was actually making the shadow box, which I wish was a little thinner now that the glass insert is broken and some seashells had to make up the “scene” in the box.

Here’s hoping it makes up for not being able to whip up something delicious for a Mother’s Day breakfast.


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