it’s easy to think about the pass over right now: after a series of health tests, i feel – likewise – passed over. and, in a less positive way, passed over with some rejection letters. at least i’m putting work out there again, trying to re energize what i think about publishing and writing. funny, i’ve tried “not” to write and i always end up writing again (sometimes about not writing). there are things we do because we can’t do anything else.

a bit of a “resurrection” in my own mind that makes me appreciate Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s video for “We Almost Lost Detroit.” we get so close to this kind of loss (personally, regionally, nationally…) and there’s something that keeps bringing it back.

the move from the east to the midwest to the east to the west, i almost lost a real faith in communities. luckily, we’ve been warmly welcomed by a few people here and the ocean looks back at me in a way the Michigan, the Hudson, and Erie never did.

suffice to say: Easter was nice. we hardboiled but forgot to color eggs, we sat outside and read in the sun, and we wandered around downtown and looked inside windows.



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